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"Even Better Yet, You Won't Have To 'Learn It All', You Will Have to Work (But Not That Much), And You Can Earn Passive Income No Matter Where You Are Or What Time Of Day It Is

This free report you are about to get will show you how to work:

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Do you want these things?

I did.

I achieved them, and so can you.

In fact, I am now working to help my dad do the same things I've been fortunate enough to do.

One of the things he's helped me to see is that people getting into this space need information that is:

  • simple

  • straightforward

  • uncluttered

You are about to get a free report that is simple, straightforward, and uncluttered. 

This report contains information I have learned through my experience in online businesses since 2002.

The part you may find weird is this: with the exception of four months in 2007 (when I got to work with a BRILLIANT Internet Marketer), no big Internet Marketer ever taught it to me one-on-one.

I learned it the SMART way -- by watching WHAT they all do.

Now, you and I can do what they do too.

This roadmap is NOT a rip-off of other people's techniques.

It is:

  • An ultra-simple way for you to understand the ENTIRE landscape of Internet Marketing

  • Simple action steps you can take to make money in the next 24 hours

  • A birds-eye view of the skills you will need to have (or hire) in order to be successful and make money online

If the report doesn't help you, you can put it in the pile of other unused stuff on your computer.

But, this road map, *your* road map, is designed to help you put sense into the piles of stuff you may have (sitting and collecting virtual dust) in your inbox and on your hard drive.

The good news?

There are ONLY THREE WAYS to make money online.


Join us below, and you will also know
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Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm not big on bragging.  So, none of this is here to impress you.

It's here to impress upon you that this is real. 

This is NOT some crazy get rich quick deal.  You WILL need to do a little work.  And it will take a little time (probably less than you think). And I haven't retired on an island that I bought (although that would be cool).

But, for those who need proof, here's some.

2001: Me, hanging out on the beach at Bad Zwischenahn/Oldenburg, Germany
(NOT earning any income... a BROKE college student,
spent it all (more than everything), AND borrowed from my parents,
to get to go on exchange in Germany, where I ate a lot of pasta and drank a fair amount of beer, because that was cheaper than anything else.)

2003: My parents, sister, and me (in Beijing, China)
(earning passive income while this picture was taken)

2005: Me, with my future wife, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.
(earning passive income the whole time we were there)

2006: A video you can watch of the day we summited
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa
I proposed to Carrie at the summit!
(We were earning passive income all 5 1/2 weeks
(WEEKS, NOT DAYS) we were were travelling)

2007: My wife and I in front of the Globe Theater, (London, England)
Part of a 7 week European honeymoon that we took.
(Earning passive income, and not working, the whole 7 weeks we were travelling.)

2008 April: A video you can watch of Puerto Iguazu, and Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Part of the 6 weeks we spent living in Buenos Aires, Argentina because we wanted to see what it was like. (Again, earning passive income the whole time we were there.)

2008 June: 8 Days At The El Cid Cancun
(Followed by two weeks on the East Coast)
This is not our typical travel, as we had only been to an all-inclusive
one other time, but we really enjoyed our time here,
so I made a video to showcase the El Cid. 
(This would also not have been possible
had I not learned how to make money online.)

2008 December: Munich, Germany

A video Carrie and I made of "The Best Doener in Munich Germany"
(Carrie and I lived in Munich for three weeks and flew home December 24.  This means that we got to celebrate Christmastime in Germany - truly fantastic - and we got home just in time for Christmas with our families.  Again, we couldn't have done all of this in 2008, if we hadn't learned how to earn passive income and make money online.)

2009 October: La Tortuga Feliz, Bataan, Costa Rica
7 Days volunteering at a turtle conservation project in Costa Rica

This was hard work, and an amazing experience.
(Yes, we were making money, even though we had no access to the Internet)

2009 November: David, Panama
Independence Day(s) Parade(s) in Panama

We then spent 2 years traveling all over the world. 

Wherever we could get an Internet connection, we worked. 

We worked about three days/week, and did sightseeing/travel about 4 days/week.

when you are watching these videos...


I want to help you
achieve your dreams and goals too.

You can join the ThreeMoneyMethods community, and get the real, helpful, and quick information you need... make money online.

House-sitting for some (new) friends in Boquete, Panama

Taking Spanish classes in Quito, Ecuador

The Auckland, New Zealand Skywalk

Living in a backpacker campervan/7 Day Road trip on the South Island of New Zealand

Sand sledding on 90 Mile Beach - the northern part of the North Island of New Zealand

Trying "Tim Tam Bombs" in New Zealand

Celebrating New Year's Eve (entering 2011) from our apartment
(that we rented for 5 months) in Auckland, New Zealand

Seeing "trance dance" in Bali, Indonesia

A quick video I took of a monkey at the Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia

Learning Thai Cooking in Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Fish Spa" in Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Water Puppets Show" in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The Taj Mahal near Agra, India

Learning to make Masala Chai in Udaipur, India

Trying McVeggie Burger with our friend (and someone who has done work with us)
Bhanu - in Hyderabad, India

Crashing an Indian wedding

Visiting our friend Mara and attending her wedding at an Italian castle!

Touring a cheese factory near Parma, Italy

Meeting Jonathan's distant family (for the first time) in Slovenia

Facing the human disaster of Auschwitz (Poland)

Touring the Slovakian castle where the original Dracula was filmed

Going to Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

Visiting Santa Claus (The REAL ONE!) at the north pole in Rovaniemi, Finland
(with our Finnish friend Anu)

Travel is our biggest reason why we work the way we do.

What's your reason to want to make money online?

  • Donate more to your church/charity?

  • Become debt free?

  • Pay For Your Kids' College?

  • Travel?

  • Fancy Cars?

  • Nice Restaurants?

  • Your Own Airplane?

It's possible.  We're living proof.

And it's also possible you'll get confused along the way to earning passive income, or making any money on the Internet.

That confusion can be solved for you here.

You can get to where we are more quickly because of the concepts you're about to learn.

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Yours: FREE

I have figured out, over 8 11 years of painful trial and error, that really, it's about keeping things simple.

There are only 3 ways to make money online.

When you join the ThreeMoneyMethods community (simply enter your name and email below), you will discover what these money making methods are, and how to put them to work for you.  (I did mention that this is completely free, right?).

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